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Event marketing is an exceptionally well-established industry

We at The Tailored Group are on a mission to redefine the event marketing industry. We do not aim to meet a pre-existing standard but rather create our own. We are devoted to working by a compass, not a clock for progress. Our vision is not only recognized by our current clients but also the cause of our Firm’s International expansion. Our speciality is breaking the information gap between some of the world’s largest Fortune 100 and 500 companies and potential clients. We put a handshake and a smile behind every business transaction ensuring our clients with quality long-term customers. Our personable methods have resulted in remarkable customer retention and strong client interest.

Event marketing is an exceptionally well-established industry that has fared particularly well during the recent economic difficulties that the world has faced. It’s an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. Customers are reached on a daily basis, and we can provide day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring, as well as hand over fantastic feedback on their product or service. This is why The Tailored Group chose to specialize in face to face sales and marketing as its one of the most effective marketing components.

The results speak for themselves. A 2010 study by the Direct Marketing Association USA found that companies spent $153.3 billion on direct marketing and that these expenditures generated around $1.8 trillion in sales. The Tailored Group are at the forefront of the market. Television and radio advertising are much less easy to measure, they’re much more expensive and normally they don’t see the results of direct marketing.

Our Goal is to expand on our current successes and add like-minded players on our team. To achieve this goal, we have invested in training our business partners of the Future. In order to fill current client demand, we are looking to develop a Management team that is 100% organic – trained from the basics of our industry to a position where they can lead from the front. Our goals are by the end of 2019 to open another 20 offices across the country!

about the tailored group

At The Tailored Group we never work to a fixed model. We’ll offer you our vast experience but how you want to run your campaign is up to you. We’re on hand to advise but we will work directly with your company to find the best possible solution for you. Communication is at the heart of what we do, be that directly with you to create a winning campaign or when we’re in contact with your customers.

As a company we specialize in personalized marketing because we believe that it is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to reach your customers. It gives you up to the minute results for your campaign and is exceptionally easy to measure.

We are not a telemarketing company, we only deal with your customers face-to-face. That way they get a personal service and we can share your product or service with them directly.

We work with a large number of independent sales advisers who are highly skilled and prepared to carry out your needs. Our aim is to increase sales revenues for your company by increasing your customer base. We do this through a wide range of methods to suit your specific campaign

Event Marketing is a unique form of marketing which we use to insight a two-way conversation between brand and consumers. By allowing consumers to open up about their desires in a product or service we are able to provide the most beneficial solution as well as  personalize their experience which helps to increase brand loyalty.

Pop-up events allow us to create personalized events in multiple states and cities. In fact, we can implement a pop-up event wherever our clients desire and wherever ideal consumers are based.

Campaign Management 96%
Event Sales & Marketing 89%
Customer Acquisitions 93%
Brand Loyalty 85%


The Tailored Group offer three different kinds campaigns to reach customers.

At The Tailored Group we currently work with the largest provider of home entertainment in the UK and the US but we’ve also worked with start-up clients who have a single product or service. It’s not just small businesses that appreciate value for money and exceptional results and our industry epitomizes these ideals. At The Tailored Group we can offer you one or all of these options, depending on your needs.

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