The Tailored Group Discuss Why Sales Lays At The Foundations Of Any Aspiring Entrepreneur

The Tailored Group Discuss Why Sales Lays at the Foundations of Any Aspiring Entrepreneur

Sales and Marketing expert, The Tailored Group, has this week released its position on why it believes a role in sales lays the foundations of any business. Essentially the firm argues that if an individual cannot sell a product, they won’t be able to sell themselves or the company they have created. The Tailored Group is built on individuals who are looking to develop their own businesses, and it encourages its workforce through a business opportunities program to aspire to become their boss. The Tailored Group is confident that it is providing contractors with the perfect foundations for their own businesses, believing the stamina, sales skills and organization learnt through time in sales molds individuals who have the confidence and dexterity to branch out on their own.  

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The Tailored Group Discuss The Top Traits Of Successful Individuals​

The Tailored Group discuss the top traits of successful individuals​

 The Tailored Group believes its organization rests on two pillars, sales and the individuals behind those sales. The firm wants to create a company culture built on personal development and considers its business development scheme to provide each of its contractors with the knowledge they need to excel as entrepreneurs. The end goal for the firm is to establish the next generation of young professionals, and it has this week started to discuss the traits it believes are linked to success in hopes of inspiring its new recruits on the areas in their lives that they can improve. 

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The Tailored Group Reveal Their Top Tips To Becoming A Direct Selling Superstar

The Tailored Group reveal their top tips to becoming a direct selling superstar

The Tailored Group spends a large amount of time investing in the entrepreneurial development of its workforce but has this week decided to go back to basics and discuss the traits linked to sales success. The firm is a strong believer that success in sales is determined by four key things and hope that once its workforce can master these they will begin to exceed their targets. More importantly, it is a firm advocate of the idea that sales is one of the key foundations in any entrepreneur arguing that if someone cannot sell a product, they probably cannot sell themselves. With this in mind, The Tailored Group hope its most recent workshop will give each of its sales reps the knowledge they need to improve themselves. 

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The Tailored Group Take Time To Delve Into The Work Ethic Of Jeff Bezos

The Tailored Group take time to delve into the work ethic of Jeff Bezos

Sales and Marketing expert, The Tailored Group, is active in utilizing the insights and knowledge of hugely successful entrepreneurs to inspire its workforce. The company often highlights a weekly entrepreneur to inspire their team and this week have focused in on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for his key observations on the perfect entrepreneur’s work ethic. The firm is particularly interested in a specific quote given by Bezos in a recent interview;  

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