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Quality Over Quantity – The Tailored Group Discuss Why Quality Always Comes First At Their Firm

Quality over quantity – The Tailored Group discuss why quality always comes first at their firm

The rapidly growing event marketing firm, The Tailored Group comment on the reasons why quality over quantity is better when forming the perfect sales team.  

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a number one priority for organisations on a global scale; it is also the most challenging task.  Talented individuals are open and exposed to more opportunities than ever before, arguably putting the ball in their court when it comes to career decisions.  And with recruitment marketing technology on the rise, finding a job is quicker and more stream less than ever before.  

Industry leaders in direct marketing, The Tailored Group, hold great importance on their sales team and their search for finding the right individuals when looking to expand; the company are hunting for the perfect cog to fit the machine.  One of the ways that The Tailored Group searches for the ideal cog to suit their organisation is the use of team nights and morning meetings to ensure that any new individuals jell perfectly together with existing team members and leaders.  

When screening for new talent, The Tailored Group look for specific traits such as charisma, likability, and grit. Before deciding whether individuals are the right fit for the existing team, The Tailored Group takes the time to get to know them better, focussing on their qualities over educational experience.  This focus on getting to know each person is because, The Tailored Group have exceptional training when it comes to sales, business, marketing, leadership, and management, so they value the personal characteristics that individuals can bring.  

The Tailored Group are proud of their ability to promote a confident and happy team environment; the firm believes this is because of a combination of rigorous training and regular team nights.  The Tailored Group have experienced unparalleled success in 2017 and is looking forward to the New Year and welcoming recruits to create the perfect sale organisation.  

The Tailored Group is a rapid growing event-marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provided tailored face-to-face event marketing campaigns for a variety of industry-leading clients. For individuals who are driven, ambitious and personable and believe they have what it takes to work within The Tailored Group’s exceptional team, they should send their resume to info@thetailoredgrp.com.  

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