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The Tailored Group Recently Returned From A Landmark Business Event In The Stunning Vistas Of The Bahamas, Where The Firm’s Impending Growth Was A Hot Topic. On His Return, The Firm’s President James Sagar Exclusively Outlined Why These Trips Are Crucial To Achievement.     Atlanta’s Leading Sales And Marketing Force, The Tailored Group Has Begun 2018 With A Bang, Setting Substantial Growth Goals For The First Quarter And Voicing Its Intention To Become One Of The U.S’s Most Prolific Outsourced Sales And Marketing Firms. In Preparation, The Tailored Group Recently Took Time To Regroup On The Idyllic Nassau Island In The Bahamas.  The Tailored Group Spent Four Days At The Atlantis Resort Soaking Up An Authentic Bahamian Experience. The Beachfront Resort Is Renowned For Being Home To The Worlds Largest Open Air Marine Habitat, Which Offers A Haven For A Wide Range Of Sea Creatures, Including Sharks, Sea Turtles And Dolphins Whose Homes Were Destroyed In Hurricane Katrina.     The Resort Also Offered The Tailored Group A Diverse Range Of Activities To Partake In During Their Stay On The Island. With Onsite Tennis Courts, Fitness Centre, Theater, Shopping District And Chartered Yacht And Fishing Trips, The Tailored Group Was Able To Unwind After A Hectic Holiday Season And Refocus On Its 2018 Goals.     However, The Trip Wasn’t All About Rest And Relaxation; The Firm Also Held A Series Of Critical Meetings With Business Associates And Its Sales Leaders While On The Island. The Firm’s President, James Sagar, Confirmed That The Time Away Was An Ideal Opportunity To Discuss The Organisation’s Current Situation, And Its Position Moving Forward Towards Its Goals For The Year.     A Key Point Of Discussion Was Where The Company’s Next Expansion Would Be; The Firm Has Already Confirmed That It Is Aiming To Open In Ten New Locations In The U.S In The Coming Months And Took The Opportunity To Talk About This Goal With The Industry Leaders In Attendance.     Returning From The Trip, James Sagar, President Of The Tailored Group Stated That He Was Thrilled With The Progress Made, And The Overall Positivity Surrounding The Company’s Impending Growth.     After Witnessing How A Change Of Scenery Can Inspire Fresh Thinking And Heighten Engagement, The Firm Is Pushing To Increase The Travel Opportunities It Offers To Its Workforces Throughout 2018.

The Tailored Group Kick Back in the Bahamas in Preparation for Major Growth

The Tailored Group recently returned from a landmark business event in the stunning vistas of the Bahamas, where the firm’s impending growth was a hot topic. On his return, the firm’s President James Sagar exclusively outlined why these trips are crucial to achievement.  

Atlanta’s leading sales and marketing force, The Tailored Group has begun 2018 with a bang, setting substantial growth goals for the first quarter and voicing its intention to become one of the U.S’s most prolific outsourced sales and marketing firms. In preparation, The Tailored Group recently took time to regroup on the idyllic Nassau Island in the Bahamas. 

The Tailored Group spent four days at the Atlantis resort soaking up an authentic Bahamian experience. The beachfront resort is renowned for being home to the worlds largest open-air marine habitat, which offers a haven for a wide range of sea creatures, including sharks, sea turtles and dolphins whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  

The resort also offered The Tailored Group a diverse range of activities to partake in during their stay on the Island. With onsite tennis courts, fitness centre, theater, shopping district and chartered yacht and fishing trips, The Tailored Group was able to unwind after a hectic holiday season and refocus on its 2018 goals.  

However, the trip wasn’t all about rest and relaxation; the firm also held a series of critical meetings with business associates and its sales leaders while on the island. The firm’s President, James Sagar, confirmed that the time away was an ideal opportunity to discuss the organisation’s current situation, and its position moving forward towards its goals for the year.  

A key point of discussion was where the company’s next expansion would be; the firm has already confirmed that it is aiming to open in ten new locations in the U.S in the coming months and took the opportunity to talk about this goal with the industry leaders in attendance.  

Returning from the trip, James Sagar, President of The Tailored Group stated that he was thrilled with the progress made, and the overall positivity surrounding the company’s impending growth.  

After witnessing how a change of scenery can inspire fresh thinking and heighten engagement, the firm is pushing to increase the travel opportunities it offers to its workforces throughout 2018. 

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