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The Tailored Group Offer A New Start For Construction Workers

The Tailored Group Offer a New Start to 80,000 Construction Workers

As a former tradesman, President of The Tailored Group James Sagar is particularly passionate about supporting those from the labor industries and believes the outsourced sales and marketing industry can offer unbridled opportunities to those seeking a change of direction in their careers.

After working in the construction industry for ten years in the UK, James Sagar found himself back at square one when the company he worked for shut down due to lack of business. Forced to start again in a brand-new industry, Mr. Sagar discovered he was able to regain control of his future through the sales and marketing industry and in 2010 launched his very first company. Since then The President of The Tailored Group has brought event marketing to multiple markets within the USA and is on track to launch in 10 new locations by the end of 2018.

Mr. Sagar recognized that while starting in a brand-new industry can be overwhelming and even lead individuals to question their abilities, the sales and marketing industry is an ideal environment to further develop skills learned in the construction sector. Construction workers and laborers work on complex projects which require careful planning and the ability to spot potential problems before they happen. Projects are also bound to tight budget and time constraints, therefore being able to manage time and stick to a schedule effectively is crucial.

As a construction worker, being unable to communicate clearly can put lives at risk, so being able to deliver information clearly and enthusiastically is a key skill. Also, for individuals in management positions, negotiating prices, quality control, and reaching out to prospective clients are all mandatory for success.

These skills are just as valuable in the sales and marketing industry, in fact, we actively seek out candidates with these foundational skills and invest heavily in helping our entire community here at The Tailored Group build these skills so that they can grow quickly within the industry. We offer the tools and environment for people to take full control of their development,  giving them opportunities to take the lead on projects as we continue to expand’, outlines a spokesperson for the agency.

As such, The Tailored Group believes the industry offers a great second chance to construction workers looking for a new career direction, especially if their decision to leave the construction sector wasn’t their own. Research from The Health and Safety Executive, recently revealed that between 2014 to 2017, around 80,000 construction workers reported suffering from a medical condition or injury caused or made worse by work.

‘Unfortunately, career-ending injuries don’t just exist in the sports world, and we want to support contractors in finding a rewarding alternative, without having to compromise their progression,’ concluded the spokesperson from the Tailored Group.


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