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The Tailored Group President Comments On Entrepreneurship Being A More Secure Career Choice

The Tailored Group President comments on entrepreneurship being a more secure career choice

As advocates of entrepreneurship, The Tailored Group believe that in the uncertain job market where the retail sector is plummeting, and the threat of AI looms, The Tailored Group President, James Sagar, argues entrepreneurship is a more secure career choice.

In April, Subway, the fast food company with the most locations in the world, announced it would be closing roughly 500 stores in the United States. The announcement from Subway is not unique; there has been a stream of reports of store closures by major retailers. With thousands of people at risk of losing their jobs, President at The Tailored Group, James Sagar argues that employment is no longer the stable career choice that it once was. The experienced entrepreneur is claiming that entrepreneurship is now a more secure prospect.

The business owner contends that entrepreneurs can control their own career paths and they aren’t at risk of losing their job due to trouble at the top. Mr Sagar was personally affected by this issue. Formerly working in the UK construction industry, when the recession hit, the company closed down, and Mr Sagar lost his job.

“After losing my job I needed something which I felt in control of, something that wasn’t controlled by economic decline,” commented The Tailored Group President. At the age of 32 he decided to embark on a new career path; “Thankfully, I found this industry in the city of Leeds in Yorkshire, England. My hopes were confirmed in the initial week when I attended my first opportunity meeting, and I knew this is what I wanted to do. I had found a chance to grow and develop at my own pace in an industry that was self-sufficient and allowed me to work abroad.”

One of the great advantages of the sales and marketing industry is its viability. The industry is recession proof. “In times of economic decline, companies still need customers, so we always have clients,” commented Mr Sagar.

At The Tailored Group, they offer a unique mentorship program, guiding and nurturing individuals in the direct sales and marketing industry. Mr Sagar is commenting on the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Control over your future – One of the main advantages of entrepreneurship is you don’t need to worry about people at the top deciding to cut jobs. Also, perhaps more importantly for ambitious individuals, rather than waiting for a position to open up to progress your career, as an entrepreneur, the future is in your own hands.

Financial Freedom – Uncapped earnings. As an entrepreneur, your income isn’t dictated by anyone else.

Only Accountable to yourself – as your own boss, you don’t have to answer to anyone.

Mr Sagar is urging aspiring professionals to forget the once considered stable career options and pursue entrepreneurship to put the power into their own hands.

The Tailored Group has been an industry leader in direct marketing and outsourced sales for several years. Mr Sagar is a passionate business coach and mentor who takes great satisfaction in helping aspiring professionals make their entrepreneurial aspirations a reality.

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