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The Tailored Group Speak Out On How It Is Inspiring A New Generation Of Leaders

The Tailored Group Speak Out on How it is Inspiring a New Generation of Leaders

The Tailored Group, an Atlanta based sales, and marketing specialist was thrilled to celebrate the success of three of its ambitious young professionals, who are successfully pursuing leadership within the sales and marketing industry.

The Tailored Group has been at the forefront of the outsourced sales and marketing industry for several years, Assisting brands in driving customer acquisition and retention across multiple marketing territories throughout America. Due to the firm’s consistent growth and the demand from clients to operate in as many locations as possible, The Tailored Group has put together an ambitious plan for 2018 and is focusing predominantly on creating new leaders within the company to execute these plans over the coming months.

The firm currently offers its workforce opportunities to learn new business skills and take part in workshops and national conferences, to help them lay the foundation to become leaders within the industry. The success of this program has been substantial, and on the 24th of February, the firm travelled to Miami to celebrate the success of three of its rising stars, who have worked their way up the ranks to become talented leaders and are now on track to pursue their own entrepreneurial goals.

The Tailored Group is profoundly honoured to be able to play a part in the development of new industry leaders and believes it’s company culture is integral to inspiring its workforce to think bigger and set more impressive goals. ‘We believe that you need to build an environment where people feel supported. If you can’t show someone that you genuinely care about them, how are you going to be able to inspire them?’ outlines a spokesperson for the firm. ‘We treat everyone who comes through our doors equally, regardless of background or previous experiences, everyone is given an equal chance to show what they can do and build greater confidence.’

Regarding how it plans to continue driving the professional development of its workforce, The Tailored Group has shared that giving people the freedom to explore their ideas will be key. ‘While it’s our place to offer inspiration and set people on the right track, we also need to give them the freedom to figure things out for themselves. Allowing people to discover their own opportunities and make mistakes that they can learn from, makes them more powerful than they ever would have thought was possible’ concluded the firm’s spokesperson.


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