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The Tailored Group Speak Out On New Wave Of Career Focused Young Adults

The Tailored Group Speak out on New Wave of Career-Focused Young Adults

The Tailored Group has responded to a study claiming the number of school leavers pursuing work over college is increasing and stated how these game-changers could be a major asset to companies across Atlanta.

In an article published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) earlier this month, it was revealed that the number of young adults choosing to dive straight into work after school is on the rise. In the research conducted by the U.S Bureau of Statistics, it was found that last year only 66.7 percent of school leavers between the ages of 16 and 24 years old enrolled in college; meaning around a third of their classmates chose to get a head start on their careers instead.

The Tailored Group, an Atlanta based event marketing firm works with both school leavers and graduates and believes the research highlights a shift in how young people are defining success. ‘A degree used to be the yardstick for ambition and the key to securing a good career. Now people realize there are other ways to create success. Some of the worlds most successful people never attended college and have gone on to launch multimillion-dollar ventures. It’s really all about your attitude’, outlined a spokesperson from the Tailored Group.

In light of the research, The Tailored Group is keen to address that in many cases young people aren’t choosing between work and education but are choosing to continue their education in a more practical, hands-on way. ‘Some people don’t thrive in a classroom environment and feel that to improve their prospects they need to get out there and learn in the working world,’ continued The Tailored Group’s spokesperson. ‘The AJC recently claimed that the cost of college has increased by nearly 400 percent in the last 30 years, so looking for a job opportunity that offers training and development makes sense to a lot of young people.’

The Tailored Group is adamant that the decision to pursue work over college displays ambition, adaptability and initiative qualities that employers should be actively searching for in new recruits.

The Tailored Group welcomes both school leavers and graduates to apply for their work opportunities. The firm offers regular skills workshops, on-going guidance and access to mentors to ensure everyone in the company is given the same opportunity to continue their professional development and thrive in the industry.




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