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The Tailored Group Warn Entrepreneurs To Be Proactive When Aiming For Dramatic Growth

The Tailored Group Warn Entrepreneurs to be Proactive when aiming for dramatic growth

This month President of event marketing agency The Tailored Group James Sagar has been working closely with the firm’s latest expansion to Savannah, Georgia, and has been discussing why leaders MUST set an example and be proactive when driving growth.

In the past four weeks James Sagar, President of industry-leading event marketing firm The Tailored Group has made multiple visits to Savannah Georgia to check on the progress of the firm’s newest project and offer his support to the entire Savannah division.

With a tight expansion schedule to meet before 2018 is up, The Tailored Group is committed to supporting the success of all its projects across the USA, and Mr. Sagar believes a big part of this lies in setting a positive example for his workforce and taking a proactive approach to leadership.

The behavior and actions of an organization’s leader have an immense impact on overall performance. The Tailored Group firmly believes that leading by example sets a tone and creates a more unified and ethical culture where everyone understands the importance of pitching in and working together.

Within The Tailored Group, Mr. Sagar sets this tone by never asking others to do what he would himself be unwilling to do, treating everyone with respect through a no seniority company culture and keeping clear lines of communication open throughout the organization with daily meetings, workshops, visits and conference calls.

The Tailored Group is confident this approach contributes to its positive company culture which has fostered the ideal environment for people to progress at an accelerated rate and take back control of their professional futures.

With the end of 2018 fast approaching the firm is keen to continue to grow its event marketing projects and currently has openings with no experience required. Offering a supportive community, a nationwide network of contacts, and performance-based advancement, James Sagar will be focusing on mentoring these recruits over the coming months; providing his own experiences and insights to inspire success as the firm looks to enhance its presence across the country.



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