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The Tailored Group Dissects The Anatomy Of A Leader – The Skills Needed To Get To The Top

The Tailored Group dissects the anatomy of a leader – the skills needed to get to the top

The Tailored Group have been reviewing a recent article by Marketing Week that has attempted to examine the key skills and attributes required by a leader. While traditionally factors such as technical proficiency or specialist knowledge may be important for leaders of certain organizations, these are not the most important factors to get to the top.

A good leader is fundamental to any business running successfully and functioning properly. The leader of a business must be focused on driving winning strategies and using methods to bring out the best out of their employees. Being a good leader is a difficult task, everyone is different, and some employees may respond favourably to one type of leadership style while others may not. Sometimes it is about finding a balance that works for everyone in the setting of a business.

A leader does not have to be the one that excels in every aspect of their field. There are some core responsibilities that the group want to point out which features in a good leader. There is no real urgency for a leader to try to be the point of technical knowledge; instead, they can be masters at strategic thinking; optimising every individual to use abilities that they are best suited for or making the gambles that push a firm forward.

The Tailored Group describe the attributes necessary for the modern leader:

Strategic thinking 

Strategic thinking is something clearly being seen as imperative by most leaders. Marketing or even sales is an industry that needs to be tackled at a different angle regularly. This requires a sharp mind, and an ability to step back and see challenges from multiple perspectives.

Relationship building

One of the most important things for a business to grow or develop or even maintain itself is the building of relationships. A leader must build relationships constantly, for the possibility of business opportunities or even for future strategic decisions. Most businesses need strong relationships whether internal or external to the company.

People management

Alongside relationships, a leader must make sure that their workforce is happy with the decisions that they make and how they guide everyone. A leader must able to mentor and guide everyone so that they feel they have a direction as they tackle their responsibilities.


The industry will always be prone to change, especially an industry as competitive as the sales and marketing industry. A leader must be able to change and adapt with immediacy to the changes to regulations or to the needs and demands of the consumers.


Vision is an almost critical necessity for any good leader, if a leader can lead and follows through with their vision, everyone else will be motivated to follow them. A leader with no clear vision will only confuse others and cause issues later on down the line.


Problems will be a never-ending story for any business, being able to make those snappy decisions and figure out how to get past an issue is one of the hallmark characteristics of a great leader.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Tailored Group is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in providing innovating direct marketing campaigns for their clients. Their extensive experience in event marketing make the group experts at increasing their client’s brand awareness and customer acquisition rate. The firm is well-established masters at increasing brand loyalty.

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2017/08/09/anatomy-leader-attributes/

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