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The Tailored Group Explore The Mindset Of Successful Entrepreneurship

The Tailored Group explore the mindset of successful entrepreneurship

As some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs will attest to, a positive mindset is the key to achieving goals and maintaining long-lasting success. For the sales and marketing firm, The Tailored Group, teaching their young professionals how to have an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the key components of their business development training.

In a seminar held for their contractors last week, The Tailored Group shared some of the firm thought processes of successful business owners in the hope that their young professionals will begin to cultivate their own successful mindset.

Anticipate failure – According to a study by Duke University and the University of Southern California who surveyed 549 successful company founders, researchers found that the entrepreneurs attributed their success to their ability to learn from their mistakes. The Tailored Group also believe that a professional’s ability to anticipate future failures are more likely to make solid contingency plans and use their past mistakes as motivations for their success.

Adopt an inquisitive nature – The Tailored Group believe that in order to forge a successful path in the sales and marketing industry, young professionals must always be open to learning new skills. The firm stated that inquisitive individuals are naturally well suited to the sales and direct marketing sector and explained to their contractors that in order to become experts in their field, they must acquire a constant thirst for knowledge and always look to develop their skills.

Trust your instincts – A survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation found that 98% of company founders stated that an individual’s willingness to take risks can usually be attributed to their entrepreneurial success. The Tailored Group agreed with these findings and are constantly encouraging their contractors to take educated and well-informed risks in order to increase their chances of success.

A spokesperson for the firm said “Although there is no set path to success, there are a few common denominators that make success much easier to attain. Mindset is one of them, which is why we think it’s important to help young professionals understand the importance of having a positive and healthy attitude.”

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