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The Tailored Group Reflect On Uber’s Recent Struggles

The Tailored Group reflect on Uber’s recent struggles

Following Uber’s recent months of upheaval, the Atlanta-based sales and marketing firm, The Tailored group have been reflecting on the transportation company’s high profile leadership and culture struggles and are now warning other businesses to take the time to encourage good leadership skills and invest time in implementing a happy and positive workforce culture.

It is widely accepted that businesses often try and mimic the successful actions of other companies and try and implement similar strategies within their own business models. The sales and marketing experts, The Tailored Group, believe as with the successful actions, firms should also take heed and learn from the major mistakes that high-profile companies also make.

For example, the transportation company Uber has recently been plagued with a variety of negative media coverage, which has shone a spotlight on unsettling claims within the firm ranging from discrimination allegations, bad leadership and an unhealthy company culture.

The rise of these accusations led to the company having to enlist former US attorney general Eric Holder to conduct an investigation into the company’s workplace culture. The overwhelming evidence gained during Mr Holder’s evaluation consequently resulted in the resignation of Uber’s co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick.


The Tailored Group believe that businesses can gain valuable lessons from Uber’s leadership and company culture issues and instead take more time to build a happy, motivated and loyal workforce that is fully aligned with the company’s missions and values.

The Tailored Group believe that the reputation of a firm is set by its leader; therefore it is important that whoever takes the helm must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills from the offset. Honesty, innovation, loyalty and determination are just some of the essential qualities that The Tailored Group state a strong leader should have if they want to lead their company to success.

As a result, The Tailored Group actively aim to nurture the leadership skills of young professionals and take the time to train budding entrepreneurs and support them in achieving success.

The firm provides a wealth of national and international travel opportunities for their workforce and also offer mentoring and networking opportunities to ensure their contractors are equipped with all the tools they need to achieve their goals.


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