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The Tailored Group Respond To Article On Millennial Entrepreneurship

The Tailored Group respond to article on millennial entrepreneurship

Sales and Marketing firm The Tailored Group have this week responded to a recent study on millennial entrepreneurship. The report was carried out by America’s Small Business Development Center and The Center for Generational Kinetics. The study was conducted in the second quarter of 2017 in order to understand the real motivations of young professionals and compare this with a previous survey carried out by older generations. The shocking results revealed that young professionals have an extremely different outlook on their career paths than their predecessors.

One of the most important statistics The Tailored Group believe should be brought to peoples attention is that over half (54%) of those individuals who were questioned were willing to quit their current job to start a business if they had the resources. Further to this, the reports suggest that 74% of millennials would be more likely to start a business if they knew where to get help. The firm strongly believes their business development programme provides the perfect opportunity for millennials to receive this help and are confident that this report will favour their business growth moving into the final quarter of 2017.

The Tailored Group are keen to emphasize the point that their business structure offers young professionals the opportunity to establish their own business. The firm promise their successful new recruits with the opportunity to set up their own sales and marketing firm if they successfully complete their training. To prepare for this, The Tailored Group offer their representatives with ongoing support and education on topics such as communication and leadership. The organization is in hope that this mentorship will provide their contractors with the facilities to establish their own business. Further to this, they are keen to send successful sales representatives to industry events in order to teach them new entrepreneurial skills from leading experts in the field.

With this focus on consistent education and industry events, The Tailored Group are confident that they offer the structure millennials need to develop into successful entrepreneurs.

Moving forward, The Tailored Group believe this report sheds a good light on the future of their business. They are constantly looking for new ways to educate and create a new generation of entrepreneurs and believe their business development model offers young aspiring millennials with the perfect opportunity to create their own business.

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