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The Tailored Group Respond To Article That Names Atlanta The Fifth Best American City For Recreation

The Tailored Group respond to article that names Atlanta the fifth best American city for recreation

Following a report last week, which named Atlanta the fifth best American city for recreation, the Atlanta based sales and marketing firm, The Tailored Group have been reflecting on the importance of engaging in recreational activities to stay focused on overall goals.  

The Tailored Group are firm believers of striking a healthy work-play balance. Off duty time well spent has been proven to boost positivity and productivity in the workplace.  Being fortunate enough to be based in a city that boasts a multitude of recreational activities on the doorstep allows the firm to offer enriching team activities to create a positive culture designed to promote success. WalletHub reported it compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 44 key indicators of recreation-friendliness. For each city, they examined the quality of parks and the ease of access, basic living costs, the accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities, as well as the weather.

The Tailored Group have found that their efforts to promote an active workforce have allowed them to unearth natural leaders and encouraged individuals to take ownership of their position and developed pride in their work.  Spearheading their talent search, the firm prides itself in their ability to attract and acquire the best sales and marketing professionals in Atlanta.  One of the fundamental factors to sustainable success is to achieve long term commitment from employees, a pleasurable workplace and caring employers are two of the essential features top achievers are looking for in their job search.

Burn out is a huge detriment to productivity and something that the company do not wish their employees to experience.  The developmental culture of the firm allows employees to take control of their advancement rate and this has been shown to boost positivity, mixing up the delivery of training the variety allows each employee to remain focused on their goals and prevent burn out.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia The Tailored Group is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in providing innovative direct marketing campaigns for their clients. Their extensive experience in event marketing has seen them increase their client’s brand awareness and customer acquisitions and has also contributed to their ability to increase brand loyalty.

The firm has an action-packed schedule for the next few months and will be taking full advantage of the recreational facilities Atlanta has to offer.


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