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The Tailored Group Reveal Their Top Tips For Self Belief In Times Of Doubt

The Tailored Group reveal their top tips for self-belief in times of doubt

“You cant do it, you’re going to fail, what’s the point? ” 

These are some of the comments or questions that The Tailored Group has highlighted often circulate in the minds of young professionals when they are feeling self-doubt. In an industry where success is based on an individual’s performance in the field, failure can often prompt strong feelings of self-doubt. While self-doubt can be useful for highlighting areas and individual needs to work on, the Tailored Group firmly believe that excessive self-doubt can stand in the way of performance. Consequently, the firm is using this week’s workshop to give young professionals some key ways of addressing feelings of self-doubt when they arise.          

1)    Identify and ease doubts 

Identifying the doubts, one has about themselves is often the first stage in a person’s recovery. The Tailored Group is asking contractors to not begin their thought patterns with “You can’t do X”, and instead say “You can’t do X yet.” These small changes in thinking can offer the alteration in a thought that will spur an individual to succeed.   

2)    Recall your success  

In times of self-doubt, the Tailored Group understand that individuals often catastrophize and fail to see the bigger picture. When faced with self-doubt, the firm is imploring professionals to remind themselves of the success they have had so far and remind themselves of what they did in the past to drive this success, so that they can try to incorporate those things into how they operate in the future. 

3)    Accept Failure 

The firm is also keen to remind its workforce that at every stage in the sales industry they are likely to fail. Failure is part of sales, but it is down to individuals to work out how they can move past these failures and turn them into pointers or opportunities to learn more about themselves. Rather than closing themselves off from the world, The Tailored Group implore its workforce to identify the problem, move past the self-doubt and attempt to create strategies to correct the problem.   

With December looming, the firm is keen for its workforce to take advantage of the season to exceed their sales targets. However, it also wants contractors to be prepared for failure and able to move past the period of self-doubt, so they can utilize the Christmas season more effectively.   


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