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The Tailored Group Set To Use Upcoming NYC Awards Gala As An Opportunity To Expand Their Networks

The Tailored Group set to use upcoming NYC awards gala as an opportunity to expand their networks

This Saturday will see some of the most respected entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry gather at the exclusive Manhattan venue Pier Sixty for the annual North American Awards Gala. And for the Atlanta-based sales and direct marketing firm, The Tailored Group, they will be using this monumental gathering as an opportunity to develop their networks in their bid to become one of the industry’s leading sales and marketing firms.  

The Tailored Group believe that in business, entrepreneurs are only as strong as their networks. This is why, this weekend, the firm plan to use the awards as an opportunity to expand their networks and gain further insight into some of the developing trends that are set to take the industry by storm in the next few months.

The VIP gala, which is due to be held at one of Manhattan’s most exclusive venues, Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers will be held on Saturday 22nd July. Situated on the Hudson River, Pier Sixty hosts some of the city’s most exciting events and includes spectacular panoramic waterfront views. In addition to their enviable location, the venue also holds an exclusive partnership with Manhattan’s most desirable fine food and service company, Abigail Kirsch.

The Tailored Group believe that invitations to awards like this are crucial to a firm’s success as it raises awareness of their brand, validates their efforts and encourages camaraderie and productivity.

The company is particularly excited for this award ceremony as they are currently in the midst of celebrating a range of their own achievements and have a number of rumoured expansions on the horizon. As a result of this success, The Tailored Group are set to dominate the awards ceremony having been nominated for a number of awards.

A spokesperson for The Tailored Group said “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to network with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry. Everyone knows that this industry is highly competitive, which is why events like this give us a perfect chance to gain the competitive edge over our competitors and associate with the brightest and the best that will encourage us to strive for more.”

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