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The Tailored Group Shocked That Majority Of Americans Are Miserable At Work

The Tailored Group Shocked that Majority Of Americans are Miserable at Work

After a new study revealed that the majority of American workers are actively seeking new employment due to being unhappy in their current roles, The Tailored Group has spoken out on why businesses need to do more to show workforces that they are genuinely valued.

The recent study by Mental Health America and The Faas Foundation has found that of the 17,000 American workers spanning 19 industries a shocking 71 percent stated that they were “actively looking for new job opportunities,” primarily as many of them did not feel valued in their current roles.

Many of those surveyed were quoted as feeling that they were not getting the recognition they deserved within their current workplace. Almost half revealed that they were not receiving the money they deserved for their skill set. Following on from this shocking statistic, a further 44 percent said that their highly skilled co-workers were “‘always or often’ overlooked.” These results are often in part a contribution to more serious problems within the workplace such as stress-based absenteeism. The study summaries that staff absences create a cycle of rising stress levels, inadequate staffing, and poor management.

The Tailored Group has found this recent study incredibly shocking, as the firm has a high culture of reward and recognition. The company believes that to create a mutual respect and a positive culture; there must be respect, trust, and communication.

The Tailored Group understand that it is vital for management to communicate praise when their contractors have achieved their goals. The firm invests in reward systems that result in their workforce feeling valued when they can exceed targets and surpass expectations. The company recognizes that while it is essential to have reward systems in place, it is equally as crucial to provide support and preventative measures in regard to workforce stress. The firm was shocked to find a significant 63 percent of those surveyed reported that workplace stress had “a significant impact on their mental and behavioral health.”

The Tailored Group is an event-marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides bespoke face to face event marketing campaigns for a variety of clients and is seeing rapid growth due in part to its dedicated workforce. The firm is urging other companies to reassess the way they reward hard-working professionals and ensure there is a system in place that directly communicates the praise within all levels of their workforce.


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