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The Tailored Group: The Only Way To Achieve Your Goals Is To Demonstrate Unwavering Persistence

The Tailored Group: The only way to achieve your goals is to demonstrate unwavering persistence

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The sales and direct marketing firm, The Tailored Group, has released a statement encouraging professionals to remain persistent in their quest to achieve their goals.

The Tailored Group has now also shared their top tips on how to maintain a high level of persistence, regardless of the circumstances.

The firm is one of Atlanta’s fastest growing sales and marketing firms, that attribute their success to their dedication, hard work and ability to remain persistent in their quest to achieve their goals.

In a statement released last week, The Tailored Group emphasized the importance of demonstrating unwavering persistence to reach a certain level of success. The firm announced that they had recently investigated the top qualities of those with a persistent mindset and stated their interest in Julian B. Rotter’s Locus of Control concept.

Rotter’s Locus of Control comprises of 13 questions that measure an individual’s internal and external control of reinforcement. This principle asks questions that aim to identify the spectrum of people who either believe that they have direct control of their circumstances or those who feel that external factors solely determine the outcome.

The concept concludes that individuals who have an internal locus of control believe their actions determine the rewards they experience in life. Whereas, those with an external locus of control believe that their actions have little or no difference and that the outcome is generally out of their control.

The Tailored Group were fascinated by this concept and determined that for professionals to be successful, they need to have an internal locus of control and be persistent. The firm is now encouraging young professionals to be persistent and has shared their views on how to implement persistent habits into a daily routine.

Be flexible, but never lose sight of the overall goal – The Tailored Group state that all entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt to various changes in their industry but believe that although flexibility is essential, professionals should never become so adaptable that they lose focus and become distracted from their goals.

Keep track of the rejections and learn from them – The Tailored Group believe that there are lessons to learn from success and failure. As a result, they are now encouraging their contractors to use rejection as motivation as although it may be a no right now; it does not necessarily mean that it’s a no forever. The firm believes that it is these relationships that need to be maintained and re-evaluated.

Stay true to your vision even if no one else is on the same page – “Entrepreneurs need to be visionaries, and that sometimes means that they are in it on their own waiting for everyone else to catch up to their way of thinking” states a spokesperson for The Tailored Group. The firm is now urging professionals to stick to their vision and dedicate their time to bringing them to fruition.

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